Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Naw we are ready to say it ... Masta Ace it is ...

I write this with a smile on my face, cause i know you been waiting for this moment ...Its been a long ass week man ... and i ddnt go a day with out people popping up on my chats, face book or gmail ... naw its like every body wants to know first , ok i get it but its not as easy where i am sitting. Doing a production like this is like handling an egg, i know it doesn't make sense but yeah it is a sensitive issue naw but its not as easy as sending an email to your favourite artist and boom they are here performing, there is a lot of issues to be considered, so you have to be dead sure when you send out your word. so i have learned my lesson once again by dropping something about Ace comming thru, thanx Lee, you really put me under a lot of pressure by announcing the show on our radio show the Bridge ... here is a word of advice tho ... it aint happening until i say so... so all them people spreading gaga about this and that one comming, don't listen to them just check this Blog cause its the truth. Lets Go!



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