Sunday, March 22, 2009

The 5th is back

Been while i know ... i guess i was still puzzled by a few things ... the last time we did a set with Fifi in feb ... it kinda flew over peoples heads ... i mean we had prepared a video set not a vj playing random clip ... i mean from scratch and myself and Sam Simose dd a little DILLA tribute .... it was kinda subliminal also flew over a coupla heads ... Cape Town went down pretty well, the CT Party People got what we were doing ... look out for the FIFI PTA CD Launch soon but hey this post is not about that ...


Its about the Vet's 5th Floor have finally come around the final product and the release of their sophomore album. been almost four years since the last album with the Track "IMBUMBA" Making a whole lotta noise ... since then i've been trading beats with them doing remixes etc ... after a long thought the duo left in the crew ( MC Camo & Casual ) decided to go live ... went into studio and recorded the album live with their band ... pretty bold ... i say look forward to a whole new 5th Floor delivery ... catch the 5th this weekend at Party People in both cities ... Jhb and CT 

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Mpumi said...

"flew over peoples heads" - not sure if I should be glad that I was one of the people that "got it"(and in-fact been itching for Fifi to drop this long-overdue project) or be pissed off @ at your statement or just be plain worried that i missed something important.

Also not sure how subliminal it was when the mc annouces that a Dilla tribute is up next(any avid collector of Dilla's music would've noticed regardless) and we all stand listening and bopping our headz in absolute awe of the magic you & Simose were alchemising.

Anyway, hope the next gig rocks too. C u there. Peace