Sunday, July 19, 2009

Party People Zubz in Cape Town


This doesnt come as a surprise at all ... Zubz and i have steadily been working together on numerus shows naw ... he is actualy one of my favourite artist to work with, very professional, that goes along way hance we are here. as you noticed he i feat him at the last Jburg Patrty People wich we thought was the very last one at Roka ...well July is the very last Party People in JHB ...

He is no stranger to Partyb People at all ... he was there in 2007 on his own and he closed 2007 Dec with his compadre Tumi ( of the Volume ). I thought it would be a crime if i dont let him perform with his band since Roka was closing last month ... he did a short and sweet set and oh even did a Micheal Jackson tribute track after establishing he isnt a singer ... thought it was msical of him

This will be the first time Zubz taste the Party People in Cape Town ... and i will be spinnign for him on the night so it should be interesting ... Looking forward to this one

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