Monday, December 21, 2009

Party People at your nearest town

Tired of starting my note with ' been a while ' and yes i know it has been  ... yes its also been a year of growth for Party People we did P.E for the first time ... and now DBN ... and trust me we are expanding next year ... also saw the Raff mix of the DVD it inspired me ... who can forget the last PP @ Roka, lights out ... Cap Town has been good to me, but i really miss JHB ... the Exhibition was the best night of Party People in that breath!

the above band has been on the pipeline for a while. If you know a group called School of Thought from CT or Superdan you know who these cats are. thought its also nice for visitors from else where to witness PP in CT with an organic Cape Town band just to see what CT can offer!

This is not the return we have been there we never left ... also as you know Proverb never had his taste of Party People JHB and judging by the Cape Town and P.E  eeeish! this brother knows how to rock a crowd
so naw you know!DBN been calling for a while naw. Saw the venue last week and judging by the set up, it may be the sexiest Party People ever also cant wait to see DBN's Moonchild perform and you know DJ2DeXha! that guy is crazy ... Proverb is ready so!


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