Thursday, October 30, 2008

Party People Cape Town Tomoro

As we continue on , tomoro Party People head on to Cape Town feat Forgotten Frequencies w/ Rozzano and D-Form. lemme tell you a bit about Rozzano. he is basically a
living legend from Cape Town, this guy started playing music as in djying before Ready D actualy they were in a crew with Ready D back in the 80's as B-Boys. He's played literaly everywhere around the country. Worked in the music industry since ever he began getting into it. so when they say give thanx to the Old School Real Rozzano is in there.
D-Form on the other hand is not so new school, as a matter of fact he may well be as old school as Rozzano. he may never be as known an old-scholar as Ro but his contribution with Moodphase 5 as the main guy who Mcees in the band set his pace of contribution. Don't be surprised when you see him behind the decks too he is that versitile and knowledgeable ok nuff said! here is a link to a taste of what these guys are all about download this:

see you @ Zula Tomoro


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