Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Passed weekend: yeah it was on with Party People once again ... kinda exclusive if u think about it... well when was the last time you saw Tumi & The Volume perform together either than hearing they are somewhere overseas... it was a great continuation from 34Oml who also been bizzy recording their second album... my man Tumi hit me up with an sms on some i would like to perform this month Blah Blah.. and im like "lucky stars" but wait... i had Zubz lined up and been spreading news that he would be unleashing his new album material .i.e 340ml ( as you should know Zubz's album is ready to hit the shelf and thought it would be revealed hmm! Politics.) so i had told Tumi i dont have space till next year some time hmmm what a nerve ! nyway divine intervention we experienced the volume with Tumi ... some deemed it the best PP in a long Time in JHB.... HMM


CT was as always is unpredictable... it was kinda rough as i missed my flight there ( for the first time since 2005 ) ) had a meeting with some cats we are working on getting a big fish/es down to perform in Nov ( cant tell for naw but its a big group... ) it was refreshing to see 5thflo ( currently held down by Mcees Camo & Tabz , who recorded on most tracks on the follow up album called "SEX & Revolution) with the band...Dope!

holdinn it down

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