Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes its late i know ... Daam its hard to get into the year

As u would have guessed ... i been dragging getting into the year man ... donno why my brain is a little frozen ... but lemme start by recognizing that last year was a great year with the support ... it was the beginning of the flood of internationals acts coming thru to Party People ... thanx to Dom for the Bahamadia Hook up ... from there on it was on ... also the release of the Party People Vol 1 ... i got a long story for that one ... yes its finally in the shops, saw a copy @ a few music shops ... the look and Listen in Cresta shelved under kwaito ....hmm! ... oh i was told the track Party People which i hear is played to death on metro is N.O 2 on the MTN download charts ... wow! ... the Hype Mag accolade was nice ... Masta Ace definitely the high light for Party People '08 along the Riot event with ?uestlove of the Roots ... i would like to say Big Up's for the support and will keep the torch alight ....

This year Party People will lean towards more of a launching pad as we open the year with the long awaited FIFI EP Release
Photobucket> ... all i have to say is make sure you dont miss the set its going to be of the hook ... i can assure you there will be more of my production as in beats coming from me in the shape of my album with SIMBA before the half of the year ... well will see you soon ...

hey plus this month we celebrate the 1st Anniversary for Party People in Cape Town ...

heres wats up @ the Next Party People ... oh Mr Roms Delux hooked us up with the new Party People look


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Londeka said...

fifi and sam simone were dope. thank you for playing songs longer than a verse this time!! enjoyed that!

i thought fifi was somehow overshadowed by sam simone...ell to me atleast...that Dilla set in the middle of her act should have been moved to afterward - it made me forget her after that. Sam Simone was the most dominant name in my head when i left...i felt she shouldnt have allowed that.I do think she's talented and can do a lot with her style...teething issues i guess but mic control could be better- at times i felt she was just shouting into the mic...not good to the ears. More confidence too...I didnt think she was scared or nothin but i wanted to see a performer who was SUCh a believer in their thing that its hard not to convert...i wanted her swagger to be on some "PLEASE belee i bin DOPE since pimpin - you already know-dont even front...if you aint on this'll catch me later...maybe 5 mics and 5 grammy'd down nyuccas!!!!!! " - thats the kinda attitude i was looking for from her...somehow she didnt look too sure of her self like she wanted us to verify she was doin good, instead of just goin in the-doin her damn thing like she already had rolling-stone status!...but thats just me, what can i say,im opinionated, and demanding! but it all comes from a place of love of couse!

I think SAM SIMONE is the truth! please belee ima be at the Dilla Tribute this Saturday!

but more importantly - WHEN ARE YOU BRINGING LITTLE BROTHER DOWN ALREADY???????????????