Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who is Zaki Ibrahim

Well she is a friend from Canada with Cape Town roots i met a little while ago, I think around 2003 cant really remember. I was still in between moving up and down to JoBurg from Cape Town. She was visiting her family from here in S.A ... Cape Town to be specific. She never said anything about her being a singer or anything ... i remember Heather who was with her, she dj's,she left me a mix back then. We even went to Soweto, ate Kota's ... if you don't know what that means sorry ... So a couple of years later she is making noise i hear her on Tumi's album ... i am like wow no wonder she had that much knowledge of music ... her album is really making noise and she has been on the grind performing everywhere including New York also has a remix with the Legendary King Britt. Anyway aim happy to present her to Party People this weekend and yeah my man OP! i dont have to remind you who he is and by now its now tradition, we will be rocking Party People every Dec. He will be rocking with me on the decks with DJ Nana from Canada whom i hear is also killer on the decks, he will be spinning for Zaki's performance .... cant wait!

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