Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Bridge is Over The Bridge is Over!

Took me a little while to write this post ... been recovering from the Masta Ace show, while i was in that mist we were on the verge of losing probably the only realest hip hop show in the country " Da Bridge" ... i always felt that if this show finishes, it will be my last radio show on YFM cause i dont see what other show will fit in, also some new kids need to get a bit of a break ... also cause my allies are all gone i.e Rude Boy Paul, Sanza, Bad Boy and now Lee ... i am saying this cause i have actualy played all the major slots on YFM.
( Short story before i list the shows ... i was first approached to play on the Harambe show when it started in 2000 ... I couldn't cause i had decided to leave for Cape Town. I feel like Naked DJ did justice cause he was the right person to do the job, he opened a lot of minds by crossing the boundary of new dj's moving towards commercial sounds and was one of a few who got a chance to introduce local hip hop tracks on radio in his sets. I left the city to experiment ...
anyway i came back and became a permanent guest on Harambe which had moved from the 6 to 10pm slot to 3 to 6pm, i played there on Wednesdays back in 2004/5 and maybe 2006 ... Luckily the brief i was given by BadBoy wasnt the same , i was alowed to play what eva i wished

anyway i had been on

1.Harambe with BadBoy T Lee & Sanza the drive time show
2.Kamikazi with Rude Boy & Sanza - the break fast show
3.Dabridge with Lee and Ace of Spades - the late night show

so if you think about it, i shouldnt be selfish ... but parting with "DA Bridge" definitely marks a huge hole in independent hip hop ... but im not sad ... with that said below is the Masta Ace clip which may be the last clip you will get from me from YFM ... ill try recall all the audio mixes i did from the show tho ...

Masta Ace

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