Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brotha ?uest...

What a weekend ... Riot was one of the most essential weekends of my life ... meeiting ?uestlove has been the most vaulable part of my dj life also cause he left me tons of music... ok he left me one of his external hard drives full of music ... he is a cool cat overall, answers avery ?uestion with honesty and enthusiasm. Word is he wats to come back atleast two times in a year to S.A ...
all i can say is thanx to my man Kgomotso making it happen ... the onus is on him to bring down The Roots naw ... at-least we had two Roots who came down to our shore ... Black Thought was here a while ago and naw ?uestlove ... these two cats are actually the The Roots, founders of the band ... oh and he really meant was he was saying about the Riot gig being " the most important night of his life" he kinda broke it down why ... check

Anyway there were people who couldn't download the tribute mix i did last week so i tried Zshare ... below is the link to the mix



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